Radiation Therapy content is here (and free!)

By David Djajaputra, June 11, 2015

Hot off the press!!! This week WePassed signed a licensing contract with a radiation therapist author. His identity is currently being held secret cool but with his permission hopefully we will soon be able to tell you more about him and his passion in teaching radiation therapy technology. He has created more than 200 quality Q&A sets in Radiation Therapy and he has kindly provided WePassed with a license to use them on WePassed platform. This is a great kickoff for WePassed Radiation Therapy and we are very excited by this opportunity to help radiation therapists prepare for their exam. These sets will be available in the Review and Exam sections over the next few days as we process them. Don't forget to check out our iOS/Android apps, they provide a great way to access these Q&A sets.

The best news? WePassed Radiation Therapy will stay Open Access for the time being. NO subscription at all is required to access all these contents. We plan to keep this field Open Access at least until the end of this year while we continue to develop content and build the Q&A library for Radiation Therapy, so enjoy! We do love to hear from our users so if you have any feedback/comments/suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us! And if you haven't noticed, each Q&A set has their own discussion thread that you can use to discuss the set with your fellow therapists. It is a great way to clarify any confusion about the topic covered by that specific Q&A set.

We plan to make WePassed Radiation Therapy THE one stop shop for your radiation therapy exam preparation. If you or anyone you know is interested in creating more content for us, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us anytime at customersupport@wepassed.com.

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David Djajaputra 2015/06/15 21:10
#1 We now have completed processing all the problems so they are all available now. Enjoy the fresh and free library and please help us improve it by sending us your feedback!
aricela gonzalez 2015/08/18 13:58
#1.1 How do you access the Q&A set?
David Djajaputra 2015/10/08 13:19
#1.1.1 After you login, you will see more menus in the menu bar. Simply select the Review menu and you will see the library.